The analysis on drinking water is done by law and is necessary on those in common use and those used in food businesses to periodically check the healthiness of products.

The use of drinking water is ensured by a domestic distribution plant.For domestic distribution systems we intend "pipes, fittings, and installed equipment between the taps, normally used for water delivery for human consumption, and the external distribution network. The delimitation between a domestic distribution facility and an external distribution network, hereinafter referred to as the delivery point, is the counter, unless otherwise stated in the contract of delivery ". (art.2, D.Lgs.n.31/2001).

Drinking water is then controlled by chemical, chemical-physical and microbiological analysis. Laboratory activity is essential for studying and verifying the correct characteristics of drinking water and domestic distribution systems, to detect the normal parameters within which water is to remain.

Idro Ambiente uses specialists in analysis and consultancy in the environmental, hygiene and food safety sectors of the Laboratorio Ambiente e Salute S.r.l. company with accredited laboratory "ACCREDIA and" internal laboratory " (D. Lgvo 31/2001). For several years there has been collaboration with the Department of Biology of Federico II University of Naples for research and technological innovations.