WATEC Italy 2017

We are excited to announce that one of the most interesting topics of this second Italian Edition is the reduction of water scarcity and the solutions thereof.

Proving to remain a one of a kind event, we will bring together international business executives, water utility engineers, political decision makers, funding advisors and, last but not least, leading researchers from Israel, South Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia in order to showcase the most advanced technologies and solutions from around the world.

The conference, known for covering key points in a high quality program will include seminars and discussions about Desalination, Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Water Filtration and Ultrafiltration Technologies, Funding Opportunities, as well as a special focus on the Main Sicilian water related challenges thanks to the collaboration of both the Regional Government and the University of Palermo.

Exhibitors will, for the first time, have the opportunity to ‘pick the brains’ of Experienced European and International Funding Advisors to help them raise their voice in Europe. 

In recent years, a growing concern regarding drought events and water scarcity, has been expressed throughout the European Union, with the occurrence of seasonal or longer term droughts and water scarcity situations becoming a noticeable reality.

Nowadays desalination appears as one of the main options to cope with a lack of water, suitable for domestic consumption, as well as irrigation and industrial use as it is increasingly adopted in the drier parts of Europe, Australia, and North America. The objectives of this second WATEC Italy Edition are to define a specific framework where the water scarcity can be compensated by processes of Desalination, and moreover it will be the perfect occasion for deepening your knowledge among specific industries’ water treatment processes.

The above mentioned impacts and factors will be assessed with respect to energy use, energy costs, desalination costs in the context of overall water pricing, and compatibility with the European climate and energy policy: for this reason we are glad to confirm the official commitment of both the European Institutions (Parliament and Commission) and the European Main Networks dealing with energy efficiency and Water Treatments. Moreover, many international organizations are already on board.

WATEC Italy 2017 will provide the perfect platform and opportunity to hear from and meet a wide range of relevant companies seeking a combination of partners, investment opportunities, and professional services.

Make sure to use our unique and popular “Chance To Meet”: the Online Networking Tool which provides direct access to other participants’ profiles, enabling you to make new connections and set meetings prior to the event and thus maximize your experience on-site.

We are confident that you will benefit from the stimulating and dynamic atmosphere, exciting range of topics and cutting-edge technological and business solutions that will be presented at WATEC Italy 2017.